A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014

AI joined this Challenge after I saw it on a blog I followed. I wanted to see if I had the discipline to post almost every single day for a month. Turns out that I did. It also turned out that it was hard to do. Despite that, I hope to be able to take up the Challenge again next year when things settle down here at My Tropical Home.

On another blog I saw the posts for each day listed on a page for easy reference. I thought that was a good idea and decided to do it here, too. Here it is folks:

A is for Attentive

B is for Best Friend

C is for Caring

D is for Defender

E is for Encourager

F is for Forgiving

G is for Grace

H is for Healer

I is for Impossible

J is for Joy

K is for Kind

L is for Love, Light and Laughter

M is for Master

N is for New

O is for Obedience

P is for Patient

Q is for Quiet

R is for Resurrection and Rest

S is for Satisfies

T is for True

U is for Understand

V is for Victory

W is for Worship

X is for eXcellent

Y is for Yes

Z is for Zest

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Reflections on the Challenge

I Survived A to Z 2014!!


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