Books That Help

Here’s a list of the books which were useful as I planned how to help my father with his new journey as a cancer fighter:

Author: Michael S. Barry

Title: A Reason For Hope

A Reason for HopeI bought this at the Philippine Christian Bookstore inside CCF Center (along C5-Ortigas). Its also available on Amazon in hardcover and Kindle editions. I got it for my father to encourage him and help him have hope. My favorite quote from the book is that “every form of cancer presently known to man has been survived“. Who wouldn’t feel hopeful with that? If you, your loved one or a dear friend has cancer, this is a good book to share. The book offers scientific, emotional, relational, and most importantly, spiritual perspectives to cancer.

Author: Michael S. Barry

Title: The Art of Caregiving

Art of CaregivingI got this book for myself, at the same bookstore mentioned above. Its also available on Amazon in hardcover and Kindle formats. As the primary caregiver to my father, I felt inadequate to help him battle his cancer. This book gave me practical advice and encouragement that has helped me care better for my father. It offers a balanced view of cancer care and treatments, which is refreshing. A lot of the websites I found in my research would praise one form of treatment while condemning others. I needed to see it all with an objective eye and this book fit the bill. This one is for the caregiver.

Author: Kimberly Snyder

Title: The Beauty Detox Solution

Beauty detox solutionOkay. Its about beauty but don’t judge the book or title by what’s on the outside. I learned tons about the way the food we eat affected our bodies and ultimately how cancer is caused. This is a must read if you are tight on cash for chemo, radiation or even alternative treatments because it gives you the detailed information about foods that you will need to eat in order to help your body fight the cancer. My aunt gave me her copy  so I’m not sure if its available in the Philippines. But Amazon has it in paperback, CD audio and Kindle formats. My aunt is a Stage 2 ovarian cancer survivor and as such she is an advocate of healthy eating. From what I have also read, our nutrition is the most important area where the battle for cancer takes place, aside from the mind and heart.

One thing about caring for a dear one with cancer, it takes up a lot of time and/or emotional energy. I have only had time and energy to read these three. So I will update this list as I read more books. Please stay tuned.

If you have any books you would like to suggest, you may share them in the comments section or drop me an email at It would be helpful if you have actually read the book yourself and how it helped you. If you have a post about it, feel free to include the link in the comments.

Thanks for reading. Eat, live and love well! Be grateful for every day and every moment you’re alive…



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