The Cancer Chronicles

Well, I decided a few weeks ago to put this page up. My father was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer by his surgeon last year, which later became Stage IIIC from the pathology report that came out after his radical resection in early November 2014.

I remember on the taxi ride home on the day we saw the tumor blocking his sigmoid colon, how stunned I was and the disbelief turning into sadness and grief and then to numbness again.

Of course, being a Type A  ISFJ I set about finding out all I could about the disease and how to deal with it. In my search I saw a lot of confusing literature, a lot of it hard to read. I had to wade through all of the stuff that’s out there, to get the useful information that could help my dad and my family through this new path.

And so the idea of The Cancer Chronicles was born.

Basically this part of my blog is a collection of the information I got and stories of survivors (don’t forget I’m a sucker for life stories) that have helped my family so far. I’ll also (try to) chronicle my own family’s journey through this disease, wherever it takes us.

I hope that you will find this collection useful in your own journey to wellness, healing and peace.



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