Thank You’s

I wanted a special place on the blog to thank my readers who nominated this blog for an award. I prefer not to accept any nominations, because being a member of the wonderful blogging community is award enough for me. Your visits and comments are like the icing on the cake. So the list here ends where it ends. Any future nominations left anywhere on this blog are respectfully declined.

Thank you again to these wonderful bloggers and their blogs. I hope you’ll visit them, too.

Mark Shields of This Day with God

Joelle Umandap of Homeschooling for His Glory

Deborah Perrott of The Paper Maid

Ava Martini from The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Wife

April of Always Bob’s Wife

Moment Matters 

SC Surf Butler

Steve Rebus of iChristian

Especially Made

Still Learning Something New

I’m Excited


4 thoughts on “Thank You’s”

  1. what a beautiful blog, Mary. Thank you for the like of my ‘abandoned.’ Yours was most beautiful. I am so happy you finally did get that picture. Best wishes and much love to you.

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