Textbooks and Curriculum

Updated on January 31, 2015: I only noticed today how long this page had become. To make it easier on the eye, I’ve organised the curriculum by grade. I didn’t do it by subject (yet) but that might happen in the future.

My family’s homeschool journey legally started with my eldest daughter’s first year in Kindergarten in 2009. The curriculum we used are listed with a mini-review after each title. I hope this helps you parents out there who are looking for materials for homeschool or to supplement whatever you’re kids are working with at school.


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

2013 Curriculum 

I reviewed homeschool curriculum for The Schoolhouse Review Crew in 2013 (listed below). The links will take you to the reviews I wrote for the Crew:

Pre-school (early part of school year 2013)

Time4Learning (Lanuage Arts, Math, Science)

Handwriting without Tears Wet-Dry-Try App (Handwriting)

Flowering Baby Curriculum (Language Arts, Math, Science)

Mayan Mysteries (Social Studies: History, Geography)

Kindergarten (September 2013 onwards)


Grade 1

Children’s Music Journey Volume 1 (MusIQ Homeschool)

Grade 2

Children’s Music Journey Volume 1 (MusIQ Homeschool)



4 thoughts on “Textbooks and Curriculum”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story & info! I am in the process of adopting from the Philippines. I have 3 biological children at home & have been homeschooling for almost 9 years now. I was wondering if you could recommend a good curriculum or study for learning specifically about Filipino culture? I think this would be valuable for our family’s upcoming trip and for preserving my future child’s/children’s Filipino culture.

    1. Hi Becky,

      I am so sorry for being late with my reply. We’ve been busy with homeschooling the last 2 months. Now that our First Quarter is almost done I finally got some breathing space to write.

      As far as Filipino culture is concerned, you might give this website a try: http://kchonline.ph/index.php/tv-shows/social-studies-values/20-pamana

      The videos are in Filipino (no English subtitles as of this writing) and are somewhat dated (I would say made in the 1990s) but the content is still relevant and can help remind your future adopted child of his Filipino heritage. The link is for videos geared towards elementary-aged children but if you go back to the home page you can choose other videos that will tell you about the Philippines but made for an older audience. I haven’t had the time to check all of the other videos, I think it was only updated yesterday but the videos are usually in Filipino.

      If you are in the Philippines now or haven’t gone yet, consider dropping by the major bookstores (like National Bookstore) and looking up the textbooks on Philippine culture. A Google search will tell you the location of the branch nearest you. You can also visit the National Library in Manila or the city public library. Each major city usually has one, you can do a search on Google for the location and contact number of the one nearest to where you will be when you’re in the Philippines. Of course, as public libraries here go, they are not as well funded as ones you would find in developed countries but there are still good titles that you can look at as a start.

      I hope that this helped you. Bless you and your family for sharing your heart and home to a child (and family) from my country.

      Thanks for dropping by and blessings to you.


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