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Blog Update: March 13, 2017

Dear Friends and Readers,

A little late into the year, yes, I know…but let me greet you all a blessed and abundant 2017 anyways. I hope the year has been going well for you so far…

Its been a little over a year since my Dad passed away…time is slowly easing the pain of his passing. God has been gracious – giving strength, peace and comfort when I needed it, and even His joy in the certainty that there will be a heavenly meet-up some day.

During the time I have been away, I’ve been thinking about the blog and all of you who are the most important part of it. I need to do some spring cleaning on the blog and across the related social media. I apologize in advance for any glitches you will encounter as I clean up online. Some sections of the blog will be closed but others will remain accessible over the next few weeks. I aim to get the whole blog online again soon.

Thanks for your patience and for continuing to visit the blog. May our Almighty God bless you all.