Matters of Eternal Consequence

This is where I tell you matters of eternal consequence…

In a nutshell…

Who was I?

A person just like you, destined for something highly unpleasant and damnably uncomfortable for eternity, which I have absolutely no way of getting out of on my own wits and strength…

Who am I now?

A person saved from an unimaginably painful and lonely eternity by the blood of the Name that  millions died for with unflinching faith, the Only Way, the Truth and the Life, the Son of God, the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Witness to His limitless mercy, recipient of His undeserved grace and unbounded compassion in  my life and that of my family.

Living one day, one moment at a time, to know Him more, to bring Him honor and glory, and to share the Good News of freedom from slavery, addictions, depression and fear  to a life of hope, peace, joy and LOVE found only in Jesus Christ.

If you found yourself here, maybe you’re searching for the answers to matters of eternal consequence, or for that peace that is so elusive. Perhaps you are tired of those empty answers that the world gives. Or maybe you’re just plain curious about my blog 🙂

Whoever you may be and wherever you are in your search, I invite you to get to know Him. I guarantee my life and my soul that you will not regret it.

This update: October 16, 2015

Last update: August 20, 2014


26 thoughts on “Matters of Eternal Consequence”

  1. Hi, it’s always beautiful to hear someone who is in love with the Lord and takes their salvation seriously. Your commitment to God and his kingdom shines through these words and I trust He will use them to draw the curious, the unbelieving and even the backslider into the safety of his loving embrace.

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