Grateful Fridays November 20, 2015

APEC 2015 officially ended today. While I am sure that the economic benefits from all those meetings of the Asia-Pacific big-wigs are of major importance, the APEC “celebration” had practical benefits as well. It meant a few days off for a lot of people not involved with APEC but living in Manila (this year’s venue for the event). We headed out of town to visit a very dear Someone.

So, as the week draws to a close on this Grateful Friday, I hope you were able to connect with the people who matter in your life. I hope you were able to take a look around you and breathe a prayer of thanksgiving for being alive and for the opportunity to say ” Yes, I can choose to be joyful and grateful rather than dwell on the “what-if’s” and the “wish-I’s”.

Life is short and unpredictable. Folks, make the most of every opportunity to connect and relate.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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