WWWP5K on 29 October 2015

I did it! And boy, did my legs hurt the day after! I’ve only been swimming with my kids as my regular exercise after our 3K run last June. Basically, I was out of shape. As a prelude to the 5K, my kids and I visited the National Museum and the Museum of the Filipino People the day before (photos and story coming in a separate post).

Zeroes look good...

I suspect we walked at least 5km throughout the Museum day but my pedometer must have been ailing. It recorded only 3km! My suspicion was confirmed after my 5k walk. The place I headed out to for the wwwp5k project has these markers.

Its a popular jogging space in this part of the city. We don’t have many open spaces that are easily accessible to walkers, joggers and runners so the management painted these markers for us. After 7 rounds, my pedometer showed only this:

Battery fail?

Despite the pedometer battery fail, I am happy to say that my mission was accomplished. A big thanks to the folks at Automattic for this. I’m looking forward to next year’s wwwp5k project and hope to run next time. Don’t forget to check out everybody else who joined the fun (#WWWP5k).

And of course here’s what I saw:


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