GF Special Feature: Help Send A Child to School

GFSpecialFeatureWe interrupt our regular programming for this GF Special Feature…

If we’re humble enough to admit it, we have all arrived at whatever level of success we are at through the help of people who cared along the way. If you’re looking for ways to show your gratitude, there are plenty of legit opportunities to help others here in the Philippines.

One is the Uplift Movement which aims to transform (low income) communities  by helping families with their basic needs: health, education, livelihood and personal growth. There are different ways to help:

  • Praying for the movement.
  • Becoming a regular partner with a learner for an entire school year: a monthly donation of PhP 1,000.00 or about US$23 covers everything he or she needs to go to school (food, books, etc) for the entire year.
  • Becoming a short term partner by donating any amount that touches your heart at one time: a one-time donation of PhP 200 or about US$5 can cover the schooling expenses of a child for 200 days.
  • …And many more. 

For more information about how you can help, check out the website or watch this video on Facebook. You may also contact them via phone: (632) 866-9994 or email:

Disclaimer: I have not received any compensation to share this neither will I be receiving anything for whatever you wish to donate. I am doing this out of love and gratitude for all that God has given me, and out of compassion for all those children who wish to learn but can’t afford to…once upon a time I was a child like them but I’ll save that story for another special feature.


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