Earth Hour 2015 – Another Invite

Happening next week, folks!


wwf_earth_hour_300x250_cccWondering what on earth you can do in that one Earth Hour? Here’s a couple of suggestions:

1. Switch-off some of those lights you won’t need for an hour.

2. Turn-off some of those gadgets you don’t need (after taking some selfies or groufies or whatever shots you need to capture the moment, of course).

3. Get ready those snacks, late dinner or whatever food you got stashed away just for those special occasions (this can be a special occasion given some creative planning…)

4. Take the time to thank God for everything, natural and technological alike.

5. Take a walk under the night sky. Don’t forget to dress comfortably and sensibly.

6. Hold hands with a loved one/s while taking that lovely walk outdoors or just hanging out. ‘Tis a wonderful time to enjoy the hour without gadgets distracting us all. Unless you’ll be like me with my camera and tripod in tow to naturally, capture the moment. I promised my kids that I wouldn’t take too many pictures so we could still enjoy the hour.

7. Because we are homeschoolers, I have to use this time to make some headway with “portfolio requirements”. So gather the art or writing supplies, prepare those candles and have a short talk about the event, what it hopes to achieve and how the kids are playing a part in it. Throw in a little history (our ancestors used only firewood and gas lanterns not so long ago to light the night etc.), science or conservation, if you and the kids are up to it. I usually keep things light and let a free-flowing discussion meander through the hour. Then we journal or record our thoughts or impressions about it. Don’t forget to keep those Earth Hour snacks within reach for when they get hungry…and your camera for those all important photo-ops that will surely come up…

8. Relax and enjoy the time.

Happy Earth Hour-ing!


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