Grateful Friday February 27, 2015

Grateful Fridays 2015

And so we come to the end of another work week…as you read this I will be on the road heading about 150 miles or 300 km south of Manila.

Where to and why? To bring my dad home to his roots. He wants to spend the last of his days on his farm. Here in the city he’s stagnating. Out there is where his passion is.

Trust me, it was a hard decision to make and we tried to convince him to stay. But I saw his perspective also and how he would benefit from living in the cleaner countryside than in the city.

So today I am grateful for life, for all the opportunities we are given to show our love, to make the best of what we’ve got, to forgive and to help. There is so much we can do to make other people’s lives easier, joyful and fulfilled even as we make our own sacrifices for them. It is a privilege and an honour to be used by God in this way.

My friends, for today and the weekend ahead, I invite you to count what you have one by one. Be grateful for them. Count as well what you don’t have. Be grateful for those, too so you can see how balanced and wonderful life is.

Friends and Readers, enjoy every single moment with your loved ones, say what needs to be said and don’t wait till later to do them. You may not have the chance then or find its too short to say all you want.  Give your life to God and watch Him work his wonders in it.

Peace to you all. Enjoy the weekend.


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