Grateful Friday February 6, 2015

I have a big thing for the sunset and the sunrise. I remember while growing up how I would sit in the morning sun just after it rose, soaking in all the yellow goodness from that distant star. In the house where I grew up, there was no view of the sunset. This was in another country, so when I returned to the Philippines, I was just blown away by the amazing colors that the sunsets here throw into the sky.

Feb Sunset Over The City

This one was a special sunset for me. Ever since my dad got diagnosed with the Big C, I haven’t had the time to touch my camera. When I took this shot the other day, my oldest son was with me. He didn’t care much for it. But I was having a bit of a rough day so I needed to take a look at that special orb in the sky. I needed the reminder that all was still good; that God was reigning sovereign over everything.

I also had a good man-to-man talk with my little boy. It is such a privilege to be trusted with the matters that weigh heavy in his heart and mind. So as we watched the sunset, I was just grateful for that moment – the conversation with my son, the beautiful sun, the joy of taking pictures.

Friends and readers, if its been another tough week, I’ll never tire of saying this – hang in there. Take some deep breaths, go out for a walk and enjoy the sun. Don’t let the snow or cold air keep you from enjoying God’s creation. Grab your camera before you go, or bring along someone you love and have a chat. Or take the time to chat with God. Let it go.

Enjoy your weekend folks. Peace to all of you.

Grateful Fridays 2015


10 thoughts on “Grateful Friday February 6, 2015”

  1. I don’t know why these words to one of my favorite songs came: “This world is not my home. I’m just a passin’ through. If heaven’s not my home, then Lord what will I do.” I think when you mentioned the sunset being present now and it used to be absent where you lived before. And the sickness with your dad. And always keeping our eyes on the goodness God has given us, despite the bad things. Just looking to be with God.

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