Grateful Friday January 30, 2015

Seven days gone so fast! No time to count, no chance to grab them back! I hope you enjoyed the past week and are looking forward to the rest that the weekend will bring.

Beach StuffCan you tell that I miss the sea? All I have are pictures, for now, and the memories. But, oh, for a chance to feel the sand under my feet, the sun on my face and the wind and sea cleansing my spirit again…we’re praying that we can go soon.

I never knew that living with cancer can be so costly. Now that we do, and now that we know we can do something to prevent it, we do our best to do our part in taking care of our minds and bodies.

Starfish and CrabSo budgets stretched, dreams and goals put on hold, we now walk this path of caring for my father.  He’s fighting it out with pneumonia right now (don’t worry, he’s getting better). I used to wonder why all of this is happening. I draw comfort from my Lord Jesus who went through the worst that can happen to anyone in this life and yet continued to love the people who hated him enough to kill him. Therein is the lesson for me.

Its peculiar to say it, my father was a smoking alcoholic who used to put his drinking buddies first before us. He was a distant father with an addiction. Now those “buddies and bottles” are gone and we are all he has. If it were not for the love that the Lord Jesus gave to me even when I was a sinner, I don’t think I can love my father and care for him. I’m not saying I’m holy and perfect or any of that. I’m saying that the love Jesus modeled is what helps me through this. The love that doesn’t choose, that looks at the past, present and future and still loves. Because that’s His nature. I don’t deserve it and so I am grateful for that love.

Grateful Fridays 2015So, my dear friends and readers, if its been a tough week, hang in there. If you felt unloved at all at any time, remember that there is One Who Loves You No Matter What…and He waits for you to accept that love. I hope and pray that you will sense that and believe in it. Then you will know a Peace that is beyond understanding. Take heart, draw comfort from our God and enjoy the weekend with your loved ones.

Peace to all of you. Happy weekend.


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