Grateful Friday 16 January 2015

Hello my dear readers and visitors. Another weekend is upon us. Over here at My Tropical Home, its time to count blessings from the past week and just take the time to smell the flowers and be grateful for everything.

This week I’m grateful for all the little things, the fine cool weather we’ve been having, even the light rain which is unusual for this time of the year. Homeschooling the kids, getting stuff done around the house, my new job (yes!) and basically all the bills getting paid.

Grateful Fridays 2014I’m even thankful for the not-so-good news we got from my dad’s oncologist the other day. He had my father take additional tests for the circulating tumor cells (CTC’s) to get a better picture of my dad’s cancer. According to the tests, those travelling cancer cells are “moderate” – not too bad but still not so good. Another test my father had was for the tissue polypeptide specific antigen or TPS. The results, in layman’s terms, told us his cancer is eating at my dad’s muscle mass.

What’s good about that? Well, at least we have a better picture now of where we’re at with the cancer. And the doctor was able to prescribe better nutritional stuff. We’re not closing the door to chemo or radiation, if it will help, but we would rather go this route.

So even with painful stuff, I still praise God. Time is more precious now than it was before. The doctor’s feeling confident about my dad’s recovery. He’s had Stage IV’s who made a come back after other doctors had given up on them using the plan he prescribed for my father (he’s Stage IIIC). As it is, my dad has a good chance to beat this thing.

I know I mentioned it last week. I will do so again. Make the most of your time my friends. Say your “I love you’s”, make those memories with your beloved ones, commune with creation, settle the question on where you will spend spiritual eternity.

Enjoy your weekend, folks. May our Lord’s peace be with you all.


The Sea, Tabaco Port, Albay

The Sea, Tabaco Port, Albay


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