Grateful Friday January 9, 2015

Its in the Detailed AttentionHola! Everyone!

Yes, something like a resurrection is happening today, which I hope will continue for the weeks to come. Technically, its not the first Friday of the month but it’s my first post for 2015 and the first in a long time. So, yeah! Happy me!

There’s plenty to share in the next few weeks but for today there are two things I want to say…

Thank you God that my dad is alive – that’s the first – and here’s why I’ve been away for some time. In October last year my father was diagnosed with Stage IIIC colon cancer after he had a resection of his colon. Prior to that he had episodes of diarrhea for a month and a half. That was the only symptom we saw of the disease. Of course, there was the extreme and drastic weight loss a few years before. We weren’t too worried although at the back of my mind I sensed all was not well. He still seemed energetic.

With the stomach problem he lost more weight till he was really gaunt-looking, such that relatives and neighbors pushed him to see a doctor (he was on his farm, not living with me at the time). I am grateful to God that he listened to us and did that. Fast forward to now, he seems to be getting stronger, he has gained more weight and looks better. He’s still weak but not as bad as before the surgery.

He lives with me and my family now. I am also grateful to God that He gave my dad this second chance and an awareness of the limited time we have. I am also grateful to God because this illness has awakened his desire to grow closer to Him.

And that’s the latest in My Tropical Home…

Grateful Fridays 2014The second thing I want to say…is to remind each and everyone of us how precious every day is. To make the most of the time we have. That it can be taken away in the blink of an eye. We were fortunate because God allowed my father to survive the resection surgery so we can have more time to spend together with family. Not everyone gets that chance. As I keep reminding my dad, all we can really do is to be thankful for the time we’ve got and look at everything we have in our lives as blessings from God – both the sad and happy times.

So my dear friends and readers, if its been a tough week, hang in there. Count what you have, good and bad, every single day and be thankful for it. The bad things in life will make you a better person if you learn the lessons from them to become wiser and stronger. The bad things become an opportunity to praise our Almighty God if you know that we have a living hope in Jesus. This life is temporary. Love. Live. Laugh. Be Grateful.

I leave you now with the peace we have in Jesus and the joy that comes from trusting the One for everything we need in this life and for the happy reunion we will have in the next.

Peace be to everyone. Enjoy your weekend with your loved ones.


Wave Jumpers


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