Grateful Weekend October 11, 2014

And yet another couple of weekends have passed. My warmest thanks to all of you who are  following the blog. I’ve got so much to be appreciative of (including you all), I don’t know where to start…

But never fear, this won’t be a long post…

One of the reasons I’ve been away, and an item I am thankful for, has been the MOOC that I recently completed on I discovered it a week and a half after it had started so I had plenty of catching up to do. After searching and thinking, planning and plotting, I finally decided to take the plunge to do the course. I don’t have the mental stamina at the moment to do a full postgrad diploma or Masters, even with the homeschooling. The course was an excellent “breaking in” step. I also can’t decide what MA to do so taking the MOOC was indeed an excellent toe-dipping exercise.

And then it was the peak of flu season a few weeks ago, as well as allergy galore in my home, so I’ve been playing nurse again and was taken ill for a time, too. As they say, when it rains it pours..

Finally, I’m just grateful for family, love and having all my needs met and my prayers answered. I’ve had a couple of “no’s” from God the past weeks. Whilst they’ve been painful, I learned that it helps to close the doors on some things. The positive out of closing doors is that there are now new ones to open and explore. Again, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining…

So my friends, my dear readers, if this has been a rough week, a tough season, don’t worry, don’t let your hearts be troubled. Seek and find your peace with God, the kind of peace that cannot be shaken by circumstances or people. Jesus promised that in this world we will have trouble. But He also told us to take heart because He has overcome the world. So we can take a deep breath, relax and smile because Someone Has Overcome and we only need to follow in His footsteps.

May the peace of our Lord be with you all this weekend and always.

Enjoy your weekend!


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