Coco and Sofie

At 7-8 months
At 7-8 months

I’m keeping a long overdue promise to share some things about the “new girls” in the family – Coco and Sofie. Coco is the brown one and Sofie is the black-and-white pooch.

As of this writing Sofie is about 9 months old while Coco should be 10 months old. They’re gorgeous, lovable and sweet dogs. We love them both but we can’t keep them overnight indoors. They have a dedicated play-space in the patio off our dining room. Both are still teething and can do a lot of damage to furniture towhich we can to with all the plastic buckets and toys they have chewed through.

I think I have mentioned it before –  I am really a cat person. I like cats, they’re quiet and generally calm creatures, unless something chase-worthy happens along…



Being Lazy At About 4 Months
Being Lazy At About 4 Months

When the Beloved brought Sofie the pup home in an unused box the day before my birthday, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. We had had discussions before about getting dogs. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs. I just felt we weren’t ready to have them. I certainly wasn’t keen on cleaning up after pups and protecting our furniture from them. I grew up with dogs and cats so I knew the responsibilities (and expenses) that came with dogs.

But Sofie was a darling. She was curled up in her box on some newspaper to keep her warm. She whimpered for some love and of course any resistance in my heart melted away. Well, they sprang back for a short time when I saw a flea fall off her after I Iifted her from the box to cradle her. I knew I had my work cut out…

The Beloved bought her from a dude at the local public market for approximately US$50.00. She was not a purebred so she was cheap as “purchased” dogs went.

I didn’t get the chance to name her. When he brought her home I was out back working on something. The kids ran and shouted to me that we had a dog. Then they had gone ahead and named my dog without me. Since nobody was listening to me about getting dogs and nobody asked me what to name my dog, I insisted on adding my own touch to her name. So I added Silva. My daughter added Valentina because the puppy was so sweet…

Sofie Valentina Silva.

I named her Silva after the UFC Fighter Andersen Silva, whom I admired. The day after we got Sofie, Andersen snapped his leg bone and lost his second fight to Weidman. I firmly believe there are no accidents in life, all things happen for a reason and a purpose. I’m pretty sure that naming my dog Silva had nothing to do with my favorite fighter’s defeat…



As I predicted, the bulk of caring for the dog my Beloved bought ended up on my shoulders. I was both happy and annoyed at the same time.

When my Beloved saw how well cared for Sofie was, he wanted a dog of his own. So three weeks after we got Sofie, he came home with Coco. She seemed a little older than Sofie. She also stank. I was pretty sure she harbored the same parasites that Sofie did.

The Beloved got Coco for the same price as Sofie. According to the old man who sold these dogs, Coco was the lone surviving pup of the mother who gave birth to her. All of Coco’s siblings had died.

We couldn’t figure out what breed she was. The old man said she was a timber wolf. She certainly looked exotic. We thought she looked like a Norwegian Elkhound pup. She did at some angles. It is only now that we see her Golden Retriever blood plus something else we’re not sure of because of the color of her muzzle and her tail.

In any case, she was the calmer of the two and matched well with Sofie, if you go by what Cesar Millan says about pairing dogs of different temperaments. They’re a perfect fit.

There you have it. The story of Coco and Sofie.




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    1. Yes, its been a mix of a lot of things going on. I keep thinking of posting but am usually dead tired by the time I sit down in front of the pc. I forgot all about the wordpress app. Its my daughter’s ballet class now so I’ve got time to write a post and catch up on blog reading. Thanks for commenting and taking the time to read. Enjoy your weekend!

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