Old Hat, New Hat

I remember reading Old Hat, New Hat for the first time with my children – how quickly they fell in love with the silly rhymes about hats. This week I felt like that little boy bear looking for a new hat to replace his old worn-out hat. Trying on different sizes and styles, only to end up with what he had at the beginning of his quest for a new hat. 

It’s Grateful Friday once again and I feel like I’m in a “new hat, old hat” moment. I’ve spent the greater part of this week writing out lesson plans by hand. After test-driving a couple of online planners, and after using the planning thing that came with the PC for most of last quarter, I find myself at the “old hat, new hat” fork again making my own lesson plan book and writing everything out by hand. Not the most exciting of things to do but it needs to be done.

The kids have enjoyed this entire week because I gave them time off to give me the peace and quiet I need so I can do what I need to do.

How about you?

How has your week been going?

Are you in an “Old Hat, New Hat” place too?

Friends, I hope whatever you’re going through, you’re still smiling and leaning on Him. The eternal source of strength, hope and the Energizer who keeps (you and) me going and going long after everything has been drained away. Cling to Him.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Reflections at the Chinese Garden





4 thoughts on “Old Hat, New Hat”

  1. I ordered a new planner for this year, which starts Tuesday. I wouldn’t succeed at an on-line/computer planner.

    I am definitely in an “old had, new hat” situation with our fourth baby. Makes me feel a little bittersweet, sad, happy, looking forward, looking backward all at the same time. (Must be those darn hormones. Ha!)

    1. Definitely! I think we’re usually in an old hat, new hat situation most of this time, if we’re talking about technology. Otherwise, it used to be that life moved in seasons and the old hat, new hat thing didn’t happen so often. Thanks for dropping by, and have a wonderful weekend!

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