Grateful Friday – August 15, 2014

And so… my Beloved likes to put it when he’s getting ready to share some story from his day job or from his childhood…

Grateful Fridays 2014And so…’s another Grateful Friday in my part of the world. Again, there’s lots to be thankful for, all of them floating in my mind waiting to be picked for this post. Yet I can’t seem to catch hold of any.

Today it’s more like a train of thoughts puffing slowly in front of me – starting from the Harry Potter movie marathon the other weekend, to my current favorite – tuna pancit bihon – (a twist to an old recipe), the sunny week we’ve had and then to watching the children grow up in front of my eyes this past week.

After years of cartoons and animated movies I think my family is slowly coming down from that special time and place of “happy-ever-afters” and moving on to real life stories. It’s like I’m saying goodbye to what will soon become a memory, slowly and gently closing the door to a chapter in my family’s life. I cannot stop it. I can only watch it unfold.

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I look at my children’s faces and see the lines on their face becoming older and sort of “worldly”. It’s hard to put a finger on it or to describe it. Perhaps if you have older kids, you can help me know what it’s like. The “baby-ness” is slowly disappearing, their interests moving on to different areas. They’re slowly carving out their own identities….

And so….I am grateful for those times and I will always cherish them.

To my dear subscribers, friends and readers, again, my warm thanks for dropping by. I pray our weekend will be sunny, warm and full of love. Whatever season we find ourselves in, I hope we will always hold on to the unchanging and eternal God, our Comforter and Protector.

Peace and Joy be to all of you in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Numbers 6 24 27
Numbers 6 24 27

4 thoughts on “Grateful Friday – August 15, 2014”

  1. ahaha, you are a caring, proud and dutiful mom. and spouse, i guess. parenthood is a vocation din, hano? but children, you’d wonder how they grow up so fast, in their bodies, thoughts and even mischiefs, ahaha. oh, well…

    hey, sister. sorry i haven’t been around much. happy rainy season. 🙂

  2. With my 10 and 8 year olds, it’s like we’re starting to see who they actually are. In a way it happened so slowly, we didn’t see it emerging. Yet we did see it emerging because it was there all the time (who they are). I don’t know. But they are just so wonderful, and I am so proud of them. You have lovely children! I love the shot where they are all on the piano!

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