Grateful Friday 8 August 2014

Grateful Fridays 2014W-e-l-l, it’s been 2 months since my last Grateful Friday. I’m looking back at that time period now and counting off what I’m grateful for one by one. Don’t worry, I’m not going to write them all down. My top 3 stuff that I am thankful for are….

Freedom. I don’t always watch the news, especially global news the exception being when it’s typhoon and monsoon season in my country for disaster-preparedness reasons.  I am grateful for the freedom we have when I see what’s happening elsewhere – all that fighting that’s going on. I can only imagine how the families caught in the middle of conflicts are coping. Despite the problems my country has, I am grateful for the freedom I have to worship my God and be who I am without fear.  Having said that, my heart and prayers go out to all those who are in those places of conflict, wherever they are in the world.

Q1 almost done! Yes. The reason I’ve been gone the past 2 months.  Planning, teaching, adjusting, learning, tweaking things here and there. That’s what I’ve been doing. This is our 5th year, and our first with all 3 children officially “enrolled”. I thought it was going to be a breeze. I was so wrong! Yet, I am grateful that we are able to take this journey together. Even when it’s been hard (and I mean I wanted to throw in the towel many times!) we committed to educate the children this way.  Thank you Lord for this.

Our helper. I don’t think I can continue homeschooling all 3 kids without our wonderful helper: she’s a personal assistant, cook, language interpreter, child-minder and much more. She’s such a blessing to me and my family. She doesn’t come around every day but the times she has were such a big help.

My dear friends, readers and subscribers – thank you so much for dropping by. I hope your week (or past 2 months) has been good. I pray that the weekend, next days, weeks and months will also be good. But even if it isn’t, no matter what happens, I hope you will always remember that God loves you and me. More than we can ever imagine. Seek shelter under His wings. Find your strength in Him. Anchor your life on the Rock and Ancient of Days.

Peace and Joy to you all in the name of Jesus Christ.

Focus on Things Above


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