21 June Grateful Weekend

The long summer holidays are finally and officially over. We ended our first school week for the new year today. I’ve been a busy little bee getting ready for my one-room school this year. Actually, we’ve taken over the entire house.

For those of you who recently joined us, homeschool is the option we selected to educate our children. Over the summer, the whole family was busy with simple renovations made to our “study room” (which is also where we usually have our meals) to make everything more organized for the kids and me.

So, during the summer our study-and-dining room went from this:

Before Summer Project1






to this:

After the Project11






My daughter said that the house now looked like a classroom. I have been doing my darnedest best not to have a “classroom look” in the home. But now that I’ve got three students with me the books, materials and other school paraphernalia seem to be breeding so quickly. We often found ourselves unable to move about the house without tripping over “school stuff”.

Of course, it’s just a couple of open shelves and a DIY computer table that we hand-painted ourselves, nothing to brag about really. But I must say we were pleased with our little handiwork. Mind you, this is the first time I did a painting job with my own hands. It was only afterwards that I realized how hard it was.

And we’re not even done with decluttering and re-organizing our stuff. Out of view of the camera lens are more things to be sold, donated and thrown away. Alas, the start of the school year crept up and overtook us before we can finish it all.

Still, I am grateful that we finished the renovation project despite being slightly over-budget and three weeks beyond our deadline. I am also grateful for the freedom (and God’s provision) to be able to choose this educational lifestyle in the first place.

Of course, I am also glad that the blog is still here. It was on my mind a lot during the summer project but I left it (and all you guys) in God’s hands. Thankfully, it didn’t disappear as I ridiculously thought it would.

I am also glad that I can watch the World Cup, surprise victories and all. Not that I’m a big soccer fan but I do follow it from time to time. I was sad about England, though, and I hope they rally themselves and rise up to the challenge.

I hope your weekend has turned out all right. If it hasn’t, there’s always a brand new day coming up with a new chance to start over. May you all rest in the everlasting arms of our Almighty God and choose to carry the easy yoke offered by Jesus.

Peace and Joy to all of you. Have a wonderful weekend.



14 thoughts on “21 June Grateful Weekend”

    1. Hi KJSO!

      Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for that, I needed the encouragement hahaha! You should see the rest of the dining room, our main hallway and the boys’ room. I’ve got mini-libraries set up all over the home. 🙂

  1. So weird to hear you say you’all just started school when we all just got out. Haha! Congrats on homeschooling (especially if it’s your first year) and surviving the first week! 🙂

    1. Yes, it is strange! 🙂 Thanks for the kind words and dropping by. It’s our 5th year and we are about to finish the first 2.5 months of the school year. 8 more months to go! 😉

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