W is for Worship

I was never the “hands-in-the-air-hallelujah” type. I used to think it was embarrassing to be so emotional about singing praises to God. I thought it was strange to be uttering words of praise to Him after singing for 20 minutes straight. I thought it was all “overacting” during the worship part of church services. I didn’t realize that the act of worshipping God actually helped me know Him better and deepened my relationship with my God.

Nowadays, I’m not ashamed or afraid to raise my hands in the air, to wave it or to jump, clap or sway a little when I’m singing praises to God during corporate worship. While songs that I grew up with (the rock-and-roll, pop, ballad types) still give me some pleasure because of familiarity, the memories they bring out, and the catchy tunes, I find myself longing and singing more often those songs that remind me of who I am in relation to God. I am the Created, He is the Creator. He is God and I am Human. I am special yet I am reminded during worship that I am made of dust. The act of worshipping God has given me security and confidence in my identity and my place in the whole scheme of things.

I have also learned that worship is not just singing or even dancing to God out of sheer joy and pleasure in Him (as King David did). It is also a day to day and moment by moment act of humbling myself before Him and acknowledging that He is the Most High, the Alpha and the Omega, the Almighty Ancient of Days, the King of King’s, the Lord of all, and the Lord of Me.

W is for Worship  and God deserves all the praise, honor and glory I give Him.

Blogging for the A to Z Challenge for today’s Letter W…and next Monday is letter X!


5 thoughts on “W is for Worship”

  1. I am with you. I still don’t generally raise my hands, although I have been known to break into a little dance. I don’t find it embarrassing, it just isn’t the way I worship. That being said, a couple weeks ago, our worship service moved me to tears. I was singing, and then I got choked up, tears started falling, and I just stood in awe of God and His love for me and my love for Him. Knowing that he remakes me every day when I let Him – sometimes I am too stubborn to let Him change me, which is normally when I get myself in trouble! Thank you for this beautiful post. It is a form of worship and praise to our mighty Lord.

    1. Lately I’ve been crying during worship also, along with the arms raised high. I can’t stop myself. When God touches us, there’s no stopping it. Like you, I am in awe of God, and all that He has done for me and the reason for it. I just get blown away by His love. Amen and praise to our Most High God!

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