V = Victory on Grateful Friday

God has given me the victory. Over what? The darkness. And death. Without God, I was stuck in a cycle of self-destructive and selfish behaviors. But when Jesus Christ came into my life, He brought His light into my life. I saw myself as God saw me – His Beloved. And I was liberated. I was no longer a prisoner of my past. I became alive. And now I have the Joy and contentment that Jesus Christ promised to those who believed and trusted in Him. God has given me the Victory over the darkness through Jesus Christ.

It’s Letter V today for the A to Z Challenge. It’s also Friday today, and because I love you guys, I don’t want to overload your feeds or readers. I won’t be posting separately for my Grateful Friday weekly feature.

Grateful Fridays 2014This week went by like a whirlwind. I have been busy with errands and our homeschool renovation project.

My kids and I also organized items to sell for our first ever garage sale!

I also learned from my friend that she is expecting a baby. Now why is that something to be grateful for, aside from the obvious reasons? I offered to pray for her also when she shared that she and her hubby were praying for a baby boy  (they already have 2 lovely girls).  So it has been on my prayer list for the past few months and her news was an answer to all our prayers.

Whew! And of course, there’s the A to Z Challenge. I learned to stretch myself through this Challenge. It also gave me an opportunity to reflect on my relationship with God. For that I am  grateful.

So today is truly a Grateful April 25th Friday.

Friends, I don’t know how your week has been. I hope and pray that you will have a Good Rest this weekend.

Peace and Joy to you all in the name of Jesus Christ!


9 thoughts on “V = Victory on Grateful Friday”

  1. I love the victory we can experience! Anything that swallows up death is great in my book.

    Sounds like your week has been victorious as well…and what wonderful news about your friend.

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