P is for Patient

PPatience is not a strength of mine. So when I recall how patient God has been with me, working in my life to bring me into the relationship I now have with Jesus, I am in awe. God loves us so much He wants every single one of us to have that chance to know Him personally. I am so grateful that I know Him now. Our God is a patient God.

Still hanging in there, folks. Blogging through the alphabet for the month of April. Click here to read what other bloggers have written and over here to check out my A to O posts.


2 thoughts on “P is for Patient”

  1. Most of my patients come with four legs and fur 🙂 I have always stopped myself from praying for patience, because God will teach it to you. It has never been a strength and although it has improved, there is still a lot of room for change. I think this is one of those areas that I keep finding myself running from. Perhaps now is the time to stop running?!!?

    1. 🙂 When we run away from something, it doesn’t make that thing go away or disappear. It will always find us till we face it and conquer it. Patience is one of those things. It’s not our nature to be patient. We want everything now and in our way. God has other ideas of course. I agree God has to teach us patience. And for me, it’s a lesson I have learned in some areas of my life, and one I am learning yet in other areas.

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