O is for Obedience

Obedience doesn’t come easy. I would rather do my own thing, my own way, in my own time using my own resources. With God, obedience means doing what He wants all the time. That of course, is impossible. When I get reminded in my heart to “do this now” but don’t do it, or  “don’t do that” but do it anyway or “uh-oh, that wasn’t a loving thing to do” then I humbly ask for forgiveness and trust in Him to try again.

Why is it important to obey God rather than myself? I have learned along the way that it will hurt less and the way God works things out, especially my problems, is much better than if I had done things my way.

O is for Obedience to God quickly and cheerfully all the time without questions.

Blogging the Letter O today for the A to Z Challenge. Click here to check out fellow bloggers who joined in. For my previous posts for the Challenge, click here.


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