J is for Just

God is Just. He laid down some simple rules for the Israelites, the chosen race – our messengers – a few thousand years ago. You can read about them in the Bible. Jesus put them in a nutshell to help us remember, knowing how busy we will be in the 21st century. Are you ready? Here it is: Love God Only Always. Then, Do As I Do which is to Love God First and Love Each Other Always.

Simple? Not! Why? We are by nature selfish. I Love Me First. So, by nature, we break the very basic of all God’s laws. God is fair, you know. You break the rules, you have to pay for it. The rules and penalties apply to all. God is very clear on the penalties. It’s death. Biological death. Handed down to us from Adam and Eve. And Spiritual death – separated from our Creator forever and eventual destruction in fire. Biological death is a certainty. You cannot stop it. With spiritual death there’s hope – by believing in Jesus and what He did for you on the cross, and afterwards.

No matter how hard people deny it, there is a soul in each of us. When the “biological me” dies, the “soul me” goes on living. Where the soul goes is a matter of debate. The point is, it exists and it has to go somewhere. Where it goes depends on the choices we make on this side of life. If you want to live well after you die – choose God. If you don’t believe in God…well, I would rather look like a fool now and believe in God rather than suffer for taking the chance that He doesn’t exist. It’s really a simple choice to make.

All of this is because God is Just.

Please choose wisely.

This is my post for Letter J. It’s one of the more serious posts in this Challenge. I’ll try to keep it light most of the time. I’m a serious person but God is a joyful topic and I do try to write from that perspective when I can. If you’ve been following the Alphabet posts from the beginning, I want to give you a big virtual hug and thank you for reading them. If you’re getting on board for the first time or only recently, here’s a hug for you filled with our traditional Asian hospitality, a warm welcome to my blog and a big thanks for visiting.

I pray that God will bless you all as you continue to join me in writing, reading and talking about God as we move through the A to Z Challenge. Have a wonderful weekend!

If you’re here for the first time, you can click here to read my other posts for this Challenge.

Thanks for dropping by!



4 thoughts on “J is for Just”

    1. Considering being “chosen” as a favor (or blessing) might depend on whether you think it was indeed a blessing to be chosen. For the glass-half-full types, it might be a favor. For the naysayers, probably not. Look at all they went through after they were chosen up to World War II and the present constant threat to their existence in the Middle East. So it would depend on your perspective 🙂 Is it just to choose only one race from which the Messiah would come forth, I don’t know. It seems more practical than anything else to choose just one race. But that’s only my opinion. God is more than anything we can imagine or conceive. I have learnt to accept those things I cannot fathom and look forward to the time when I meet with my Maker face-to-face and get the chance to ask all the questions I want.

    2. It just seems to me that this idea of exceptionalism (especially in current events) has led to an awful lot of misery for everyone else trying to share the planet. I wish nation states would embrace the value of humility, instead.
      I suppose at the time you would meet your maker — something more than a human could imagine or conceive — who would have the nerve ask anything?

    3. If only everyone did as you wanted then we would finally have peace, I think! Alas, pride is the name of the game in politics nowadays and with pride in, peace is out. I would be asking my Maker other things that are of a more personal nature when I get to meet Him 🙂 The affairs of the world wouldn’t be worth that precious time with Him. I leave that to the politicians. I suspect when any of them make it there, it would be family they ask about, just like me.

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