Grateful Friday – April 11, 2014

Grateful Fridays 2014This is a very grateful Friday for me. We officially ended our school year 2013 – 2014 last Tuesday with my two older children’s last quarter assessment. Yesterday my son sat through his first OLSAT-MAT. My daughter will be taking hers within a month. I am so proud of them – they worked hard and well to finish early. I am more than blessed! And of course, this means I get more time to do photography stuff. And to visit more blogs!  Woohoo!

I scheduled this post to publish later in the evening today. As you read this I will be on my way to my family’s ancestral home with my sister and daughter. If all goes well, we should be there on Saturday morning. Tropical Cyclone Peipah (local name Domeng) was set to hit the island south of our home Saturday afternoon. We prayed hard it would dissipate. It’s now a Low Pressure Area (LPA). That’s good news. The best would be if it just disappeared. But I’ll take the LPA for now.

The bad news is that this would mean rough seas. Before we get to the island where my parents come from, we need to cross the sea – it’s not huge, only a 2 and a half trip one way. It’s been more than 10 years since I took this trip, also by land and sea. My family’s last trip home was more than 20 years ago by plane. I heard from relatives that a lot has changed since then. So this trip is a big deal for me.

I took that ferry trip more than 10 years ago in very good weather and I took a beating. I’m praying again that it won’t be so bad.

Friends, the best laid plans come to naught save for the will of God that allows them to happen. Peace, joy and contentment comes from holding the things of this world (including our plans) loosely and seeking His kingdom (i.e. world, plans, will) first. Then, whatever life throws our way becomes bearable and a joy.

I hope your week has gone well. If it hasn’t, today (or tomorrow if it’s night for you) is a new day with 24 hours to do things right. Have a Good Rest this weekend and enjoy your time with your family.

Peace and Joy to you and yours.



3 thoughts on “Grateful Friday – April 11, 2014”

    1. Hi! We got back this morning. Had so many bloopers the entire trip, I’m going to call this – our “April Misadventures”. I am grateful we made it there and back safely. Now I need to catch up on my sleep. Goodnight!

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