I is for Impossible

Can God do the Impossible?

Yes. Yes, He can.

I’ve seen it in my own life whenever I look back at where I’ve been. I’ve seen Him turn my father from an alcoholic and smoker into a sober and clean man. I’ve seen Him soften the hardened heart of 2 doubters, in front of my very eyes, into persons who believe, trust and seek to obey Him above anything else.

Friends, God is real. He can do things that you would think impossible. Moving mountains, crossing oceans, creating empires – man can do this on his own and it would seem, without God. Doing “good things” towards fellow men, man can do this, too, even without God. But changing hearts and changing lives, especially those that appear to be “hopeless”, only God can do that. You cannot change a person’s heart. But God is the God of the Impossible. God Can.

This is my Letter I for the Blogging A to Z Challenge.



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