G is for Grace

Grace – unmerited or unearned favor.

Unmerited or unearned – I didn’t work for it.

Favor – blessing (all the good stuff for me, not necessarily without pain but always for my own good)

God is the God of Grace. Whenever I hear the word grace, my mind stalls. It’s a concept that is difficult to comprehend. I cannot explain it well enough to make it clear. There’s a lot of theology involved in it, a lot of backstory stretching all the way to Jesus and Adam and Eve. So, I won’t go there for now. But I’ll try my best to show you what it means to me.

I discovered grace, the true meaning of it, when God didn’t give up on me.

“How gracious of you LORD God. Really there’s no need to (love me or care about me). In fact, I don’t even deserve it…”

“But I want to.”


“Just because.”

“Just because?”

“Yup. Just because.”

G is for God of Grace.

This is my letter G post for the April-long A to Z Challenge. Click here to read my previous posts or over here to check out the other blogs joining in the Challenge.




12 thoughts on “G is for Grace”

    1. lol Sorry couldn’t help it 🙂 that was not my intention but I praise God that He is blessing you this way. I just do what He wants me to do. I’ve had to rewrite my drafts in the very last minute when He says change this, don’t write that, etc. Ultimately we are here to serve His purpose and I aim to please my Lord. Enjoy your day!

    1. I guess it’s only natural we all wrote about it – it’s why we’re all here! lol But I’m sure it’s no accident, the more people hear about grace, the better!

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