F = Forgiving


I can no longer recall how many times I have mentioned on this blog that I have been forgiven by and through the mercies and grace of God. It is therefore fitting for the letter F to describe God as Forgiving. He is not just a forgiving God but He is also a forgiving Father. I have made many mistakes, committed many sins and I continue to do so. If it were not for His forgiving heart, which puts my sins away from him as far as east is from the west, I will be weighed down with guilt every day.

I am so thankful that God has forgiven me. And my friends, here’s the good news: that forgiveness is yours, if you need or want it.

This post is written as part of the Blogging A to Z Challenge. Click here to check out the other blogs who answered the call to post daily (except Sundays) using a letter of the English alphabet starting out at A all the way to Z throughout the month of April.


8 thoughts on “F = Forgiving”

    1. You are right in that. God has already forgiven us, yet we can still refuse to forgive ourselves. But even God won’t leave us in that state, He will find a way to show us how to give it all up to Him so we can have the abundant life Jesus promised to those who believe. What an amazing God we have. Thanks for dropping by!

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