D is for Defender


God is my Defender. I’ve seen Him take up my cause for me. If you’re like me, and you’ve been bullied and called names a lot, you’ll know what I mean.

God is also the Defender of the weak and defenceless. I’m ashamed to say this but it’s true. I was starting to learn the “dog-eat-dog” ways of this world – when I was scared and not thinking about what I was doing. Before He changed me, I’ve done my share of being mean and name calling. And I’ve seen God defend them from me, the way He defended me from the bullies and meanies.

What a lesson to learn that was. I was well and truly humbled.

God is D for Defender.

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4 thoughts on “D is for Defender”

  1. One of the lines in Chris Tomlin’s “Everlasting God” says He is the defender of the weak. I love that line, as well as the one that follows it: He comforts those in need. The two go together well.

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