Grateful Fridays March 21 2014

Grateful Fridays 2014We’ve been running full steam this week in our homeschool. The kids have pulled their own weight, did their part and cooperated with me. It’s been a lot of hard work all around for us. The long vacation we’re aiming for is getting nearer in sight. I am happy and thanking God that it is Friday. My body sensed the weekend beginning and started slowing down the minute I parked in the driveway.

The boys and I spent the greater part of the afternoon getting oriented on cub-scouting. The Beloved had a class to teach so he couldn’t get away to be with my older son. I stood in for him today. This whole scouting thing is an answered prayer, part of seeing a dream come true for my son, for me.

I am so grateful. God gave me what I asked for, at the time He chose, which happened to be the right one for my son (but not me). That’s the way it works. God who was and is, before and outside of time, works together good for those who love Him and have been called to His purpose. Truly His ways are higher than mine.

Friends, I hope your week has been a fruitful one. If it wasn’t, I pray that your weekend will give you a Good Rest so you can recharge for the coming week.  Take a walk, enjoy His Creation, soak in the sun, drink in the fresh air. Enjoy your time with your loved ones, with God, with your soul.

Love and Peace to you.


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