2014 Blogging A to Z Challenge – Theme Reveal

A-to-Z-Challenge-theme-revealAfter thinking so much that I ended up with a headache, I finally had it – my theme for the April A to Z Challenge this April 2014!

I’ll be writing about God, like I normally do on this blog when I’m not posting about photos or reviews. Except that I will be having a “God-reveal” theme, sharing the God-I-have-come-to-know from the happy days to the back-against-the-wall days and on to the on-my-knees-prayin’ days.

Don’t worry, this will not be a month of posts about theology. We’re not here to study God. I’ll just let you take a peek at who He has become to me using descriptions that start from A to Z for the whole month of April (excluding Sundays).

You may be inspired, you may be not. Maybe you’ll agree with me, maybe not. I’m not sure if I’ll make you cry – I hope not, I want us to be happy readers here at My Tropical Home. What I do hope is that you’ll see a side of God that will touch your heart. Maybe He’ll speak to you, if you’ll be soft enough to listen…maybe you’ll hear that answer you’ve been searching for. Or you’ll have more questions than answers…

I may or may not continue with my regular programming during the A-2-Z Challenge. There might be pictures with my Alphabet posts. I’ll see how it goes. Of course, I don’t want to overload your feeds with 2 or 3 posts a day. You know how much I love you guys….

If you feel up to the Challenge then come on and jump in. This is where you sign up for it.

Bring it on!


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