Be Still

How often have we been told those 2 simple words while growing up?

Be still…shhhhh…stop squirming…listen to the sermon, lesson, lecture…stop moving…

I’ve always found it hard to be still. It’s like I had pins on my tush that kept me from sitting down all the time, a foot and a hand that would always find a way to tap something, and a jaw that just wouldn’t stop moving and talking…

So, when I heard that Voice telling me, quietly, firmly, to be still, I I struggled!

Be still….but I got this great post to write and share….

No, be still…but I really need to get this on the blog…

Nope, BE still…but…I…miss…my…blog…

Be still…I miss my friends in Blogland…the wonderful photographs, the inspirational stories, the funny and not-so-funny updates, the encouraging community, the amazing writers, the creativity….

BE STILL…okay…I mean, humbly, yes Lord, I will be still, and listen to your Quietness, and know you are God…

Did I mention how hardheaded I am? I’m sure I’ve done so once or twice…maybe more than that. But eventually, after a few weeks, I finally obeyed…

Hence the prolonged absence.

But the Quiet Time is now over, I have the green light to move again, and regular programming will resume in March.

For those of you reading my blog for the first time, I greet you with my country’s traditional warm welcome and I hope you’ll enjoy looking around.

For the others who still visit from time to time despite the quiet, thank you for remembering my humble blog. I’ll be visiting soon.

In the meantime, take care everyone and keep bloggin’!



for those moments of stillness and quiet we all need from time to time…


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