Review: If You Were Me and Lived in….

 photo carole_p_roman_logo_zps9e0a6d7b.pngMy children and I were given the opportunity to read and review the delightful series of ebooks called “If You Were Me and Lived in… – A Child’s Introduction to Cultures Around the World” written by Carole P. Roman, an award-winning author and parent herself.

The Book Series

The titles in the series are:

If You Were Me and Lived In…Mexico

If You Were Me and Lived In…South Korea

If You Were Me and Lived In…France

If You Were Me and Lived In…Norway 

 photo south_korea_cover_zpsaad0422b.png


 photo if_you_were_me_in_mexico_cover_new_zps8edb4e1d.png

 photo if_you_were_me_and_lived_in_France_zpse258286f.jpg

 photo norway_cover_zpsf09dea5b.png

Each book is written in English and told from the perspective of a school-aged young child. Selected common words from the native language of the country each book is titled for are interspersed throughout the narrative. This helps to gently introduce specific words from that country to the young reader for similar cultural concepts, like special holidays, family, food etc. Each book’s narrative follows a similar structure, introducing the country to the young reader through a map and then meeting people and walking through places and events of possible interest to a child to help him or her learn about that country or culture.

The books are written for children aged pre-K to 8 years.

Our Review

My children enjoyed reading each book and we finished each one in a few minutes. We read the entire series in less than half an hour! What caught my children’s attention were the colorful illustrations showing places and scenes of everyday life in that country. The accompanying text to explain the scenes was simple and clear and included the country’s special words for them. My daughter wished there was a title for our own country, too. Her favorites were the books on South Korea and France while my two sons enjoyed the Mexico title.

The use of maps at the beginning of each book to locate each country will help the child know where to find it on a globe or world map. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce basic map reading (or geography) skills to young children.

The Pronunciation Guide at the end of each book is a helpful appendix that teaches the reader (child and parent alike) how to pronounce the country-specific words in the book. I myself learned something new through this section and found it the most informative part of each book.

I liked each book very much and I highly recommend the entire series to parents looking for light bedtime reading for young children, as a travelling companion for kids during long drives or plane rides, or if they just want to introduce their children to the other cultures (whether as a supplement to Social Studies curriculum or a stand-alone learning material).

The If You Were Me and You Lived in…Mexico, If You Were Me and You Lived in…South Korea and If You Were Me and You Lived In…France titles are available on Amazon in Kindle (US$0.99 each) and in paperback format (US$8.99 each). If You Were Me and You Lived in…Norway title retails at US$1.99 on Kindle and US$10.79 on paperback. The paperback format is a little pricey for me but worth the investment considering the information each book contains and the way this is presented. It is definitely not boring, not daunting to read and ideal for young children. The “If You Were Me and You Lived in…” series is a very good read for the young ones in the family.

Other families also reviewed this book series and I invite you to read about their experience by clicking through here.

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** Prices are correct at the time of posting. Kindly visit the website for updated pricing information and product description.


4 thoughts on “Review: If You Were Me and Lived in….”

    1. Glad to hear you like this. I highly recommend the books for children, I think the series will make excellent gifts. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and dropping by.

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