Grateful Friday October 11 2013

It’s almost to the end of Friday as I start to write this…I’m living the life of a hermit crab nowadays, minus the predators and curious hands and eyes that pick me up to examine my shell and innards. Truth to tell, I’m finding it hard to be grateful today or this week.

I’m tired after the first week of our homeschool’s 2nd quarter. I feel like the week-long break was not enough. I am restless from watching the weather outdoors and monitoring the news on media for the arrival of yet another tropical storm in my part of the world. I am getting weary of these forces of nature. I am tired of having the “be ready to evacuate anytime” mindset running in the back of my mind while carrying on with the mundane tasks of daily living.

But, I know that my melancholic self is rearing its head and I fight it as I blog the negativity away from me. Aren’t blogs amazing? Of course I don’t mean to be dumping it all on you my dear readers.  I’m writing to remind myself to get some rest and start looking at the positives, no matter how small. There’s always something to be thankful for, wherever you are and whatever your mood or feeling may be…

And so, I am grateful that I was able to get our school week running again. I have a nasty habit of putting things off and I had to fight it at the beginning of this week. I prayed and I praise God that He answered my daily prayers to give me the strength, patience and wisdom to get through each day with a smile. I am grateful that the sun shone for a few hours during the dry days in between the storms and monsoon rains to give us some cheer and warm my family’s rain-weary bones. I am grateful to be alive and well and conscious of my self, my thoughts, my actions and my surroundings. I am grateful for life and for being loved by the eternal God.

I hope your week is closing on a positive note. If it’s been a tough one, I encourage you to bask in the sunshine, feel the wind blowing on your skin, smell the fresh air and delight yourself with the beauty of God’s Creation around you. Tell the special people in your life that you love them, you never know when your next chance to tell them that will be.

I end this post with a photo of our recent trip to the coast. I needed the warmth and cheering up as we face two back-to-back typhoons this weekend and early next week. I pray that our loving God will give you and your family a wonderful weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone.



15 thoughts on “Grateful Friday October 11 2013”

  1. yes, dear. those two weeks of downpour and drab and dreary days was too much. most corners were damp and it gets into one’s spirit, hoho. btw, i had flu for most of those days, bad… 🙂

    the sun is shining na. hope this week will be kinder to us. warm regards, to you and yours…. 🙂

    1. Malamig na ang simoy ng hangin….I am so glad also that the sun came out. Hope the weekend and next week will be a warm one. It’s my youngest’s birthday next week so I hope the weather will cooperate. Thanks so much for dropping by!

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