Review: Seed Sowers: Gospel-planting Adventures

My family enjoyed reading and reviewing the eBook version of Seed Sowers: Gospel-planting Adventures written by Gwen Toliver and available at

Seed Sowers is a collection of stories shared by missionaries who have served in the field for more than 10 years. They have been involved with translating the English Bible into the “heart language” of people groups who have very little to no knowledge of the God of the Bible. The book aims to inspire a new generation of readers to grow a heart for making God known to the world.

The stories contained in the book were collected by the author and re-written over a 2 year period for families to enjoy. The eBook contains the text of the stories. Pictures related to the stories (a few are shared below) are found in

 photo seedsowerslogo_zps88af9c02.jpg

Missions have always been close to my heart ever since the Lord called me to be part of His Kingdom. I just never felt led to actually go out to the field as a missionary. I have been called, however, to support missions in the capacities the Lord has provided for me. In the past this was through financial support and intercessory prayers for the missionaries and the specific mission groups He has led me to help.

I’ve been praying for a resource that would give my children a picture of what missionaries do. I wanted an honest book depicting this and I am happy to say that my prayer was answered through this book.
 photo seedsowers_zpsfab02814.gif

We read one story a day from the book in place of our regular bedtime material during the review period. My youngest loved the very first story about “Tura” and “Atu” while the older two enjoyed the “action” and descriptions of the places where the stories happened. My personal favorite was The Whistling Man. I listened to the audio sample of a conversation done through whistling on the website. I thought this unique piece of cultural information was just awesome.

After reading a few stories I was inspired to ask the children to choose one people group to pray for. We looked up the Wycliffe Global Alliance website to learn more about the people in the book.  The children chose the Northern Conchucos Quechua people to pray for and drew up a prayer card for them and the Bible translators working with them.  The entire exercise gave the children a chance to do some research, practice basic geography skills and a taste of supporting missionary work.

For the reading family, I would recommend that future (eBook) editions include some of the pictures from the website. Despite the quality of the photos I think they lend an air of authenticity to the stories that were shared. Also, a general location map of the countries where the stories took place would be helpful. These will help the more visual children “see” the stories they hear. I also suggest an activity book to go along with the stories so even very young children who are just too active for sitting through an entire story can have something to do while listening.

For the independent reader, I would recommend adding more action points in the Appendix for those readers who are inspired to get involved with Bible translation or missions work.

Here are some of the pictures from the missionaries who shared their stories in the book:
 photo Rogercrossingvinebridge_zpse18f5088.jpg

 photo image001_zps384ad08d.jpg

 photo image002_zpsa0da42aa.jpg

To sum it all up, this book has been inspirational. I highly recommend this book as an excellent read for the entire family and as a resource for anyone contemplating missionary work or seeking to support Bible translation efforts around the world.

Seed Sowers is available on Kindle from Amazon, and in paperback and hardcover from The eBook version retails for US$3.99, the paperback at US$12.50 and the hardcover at US$27.95.

Other families read and reviewed Seed Sowers, too. You are invited to read their reviews here.

 photo DisclaimerGraphic1_zpsf612f371.gif

Price and product description are correct at time of posting. Please visit the website for updated price and product description.

All rights to the review reserved by Mary Roxas and My Tropical Home. Images from Seed Sowers (the website) are provided by Gwen Toliver and The Schoolhouse Review Crew for use in this review.


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  1. Thank you so much for your review and also for your fantastic suggestions! I really do appreciate your input as parents often ask for ideas in using Seed Sowers with their own children. May the Lord bless you for instilling a heart for missions in your kids!

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