Review: PeopleKeys – Student Strengths Report

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This is my family’s review of the Online Student Strengths Report by StudentKeys, a program of PeopleKeys. PeopleKeys provides online behavioral assessments for global clients (secular and religious) to aid them in hiring, managing and developing their employees. StudentKeys offers these assessments to the education sector. The website provides more details on these.

Now what does this have to do with homeschoolers, or my family, in this case? Well, personality profiling, learning and teaching style assessments play a big part in curriculum selection and identifying appropriate learning activities for the students in a homeschool. In my family it was the Student Strengths Report that we used and reviewed.

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The Student Strengths Report identifies the personality type of the student using the DISC framework. It also maps out perceptual styles, cognitive styles, preferred communication methods and how to use the student’s strengths in these areas to improve as a learner. The objective is to use the findings from the Student Strengths Report to help the student reach her full potential.

Setting up the account and getting registered to do the test was easy and painless. The testing instructions were also easy to understand for adults but younger test-takers will need assistance, as mine did. I also noticed that the online test was available in 16 languages. My daughter was able to complete the test in English.

My Dearest Daughter took the test online. She asked for my help to understand the test instructions for the first part of the test but was able to finish the rest of it with minimal assistance from me.

As for the online test proper, I noticed the font size was rather small, even for adult eyes. I would suggest making the text larger. The instructions are clear for the most part and there are reminders for questions missed or errors in answer selection. My DD finished the test in 25 minutes. The results are contained in the Student Strengths Report and were conveniently available after the test was completed.

The personality typing for my daughter surprised me initially but as I read through the descriptors and explanations that come with the results I understood why it was so. My daughter was identified as a having a Challenger Personality style, and the description matched her to a “T”, young as she is.

The Report goes into some detail about the different personality styles but not so much that it overwhelms the reader. From that background, the Report then shows how each style learns, approaches instruction and carries out activities in the learning process. A mini-workshop (or worksheet) is also contained in the Report to help the student (and parent or educator) how to enhance relationships with the people that affect the learning environment.

Learning Styles are also part of the assessment and the results for my daughter confirmed the learning style portrait that we drew up at the beginning of the school year. I was also surprised at the results. My daughter turns out to be primarily a kinesthetic learner. I understand that her young age influences this to a great degree but last year I thought she was more of a Visual Learner, using the same learning style portrait. The Report provides a description of what the Kinesthetic learner is and offers tips and exercises to help this type of Learner make the most out of traditional learning environments.

The rest of the Report talks about cognitive thinking styles and how to capitalize on the learner’s thinking strengths and minimize weaknesses to improve learning. The results of the test showed that my DD is an Experiential thinker.

Overall I find the Student Strengths Report a very useful tool. The results appeared to be sound and the various exercises, tips and strategies offered is a huge help to me when I plan learning activities for my daughter. At US$ 20.00 per student, it’s out of my budget for this year but I would like to have my other children take it when they are older.

I recommend the Student Strengths Report to parents who would like to know how to improve their children’s academic performance as well as older (or adult) students who would want to improve the way they learn.

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Price and Product Description are correct at time of posting. Please visit the PeopleKeys website for updated information.

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