Grateful Friday – 13 September

It’s Friday the 13th today. Time was when I thought it would be unlucky or unfortunate to be out and about. Not anymore, thanks to the Word of God which brought light into my mind. But no, I wasn’t out and about today. I was busy with chores and lessons, and I thank God for those and Friday the 13th…

Yesterday, I received the results of my Dearest Daughter’s OLSAT-MAT. For those not familiar with the acronym, it stands for the Otis Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) and Metropolitan Achievement Test (MAT). Lots of letters and words there, but basically it’s all about testing to see where DD is compared to other First Graders who took the same tests. It’s one way our homeschool checks to see how the kids are doing academically. According to her results, she is just right for her grade, advanced in Math (ahem…) but below average in listening vocabulary (uh-oh, which got me thinking lots) and average (meaning just right for me) overall for the Language abilities.

I am grateful that the gracious Lord has brought us this far in our homeschool journey. The OLSAT MAT results were more than I prayed and hoped for (despite the below average in listening vocabulary results) and I thank the Lord for this.

Naturally, I wondered and wondered about the below average results. And being ME, I analysed why it was so. After discussing the results with the Testing Expert from the homeschool we’re affiliated with, I guess it was probably because I didn’t talk to her enough in a testing/instructional mode, and DD was probably not used to the voice of the Test Administrator.

In any case, again being ME, I want to make sure that she gets a better grade next year in that area. Ha-ha-ha. We’ll do our best to have fun while working on it…

I end the week with this photo taken a few weeks ago at the Flower Fields in RAVE Park. Hope you enjoy it. A blessed weekend to you all!

Unedited, taken with a Sony Cybershot TX5




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