Grateful Friday – 6 September

Ah, its Friday once more. Earlier today I had a lot of thoughts running through my mind as to what this post will be containing. I must have been very busy because now I can’t remember a single one.

The funny thing is, last week I was in the same state of mind – meaning I had the post written up in my head – and then went straight to bed without posting it. It only occurred to me I hadn’t posted it when I woke up on Saturday morning.

Oh, dear. Hmmmmm…..

I’ve been caught up with homeschool, we’ve fallen behind in some subjects, we’re “on schedule” with a few and “advanced” with one or two. Too many holidays and days off are not altogether good when it comes to schedules. This week the kids and I worked very hard to catch up and I am so proud of them. They were such good sports. We had the usual “character-building moments” (that’s this momma’s code for when the kids are being bull-headed), but I thank God for those moments. When I’m “in the moment” though, it’s not always a pleasant experience. It’s truly character-building for everyone, including this momma.

I don’t mention politics on this blog (unless it’s got something to do with my photos or a holiday) but one thing I’m grateful for this week is the growing “exposure” of deeply embedded corruption in the government. It’s not something I’m proud of as a citizen but I am glad that the truth has come out. It has been disheartening to hear that so called “educated” people have been stealing from the poor. It is such a shame. I pray that the key people involved will be brave and do the right thing.

On a lighter note, the sun shone brightly for a few hours each day and we were able to catch some rays before the mid-day thunderstorms. It’s always good to be out in the sun. Late August till early January are my favorite months of the year – when its sunny but cool, despite the notorious typhoons that visit. To quote my older son – God is so awesome! Indeed, He is.

I end this work-week with a photo of the afternoon sun taken during summer this year. Have a blessed weekend everyone!


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