Cee’s Which Ways Challenge – Week 6

Yes, I know I’m late, but like I said, I love roads too much not to do this. Cee will be changing the rules a bit starting next week. Check out the update at her site.

It’s back at The Mind Museum with this shot. I love this short driveway with all the lines and shapes you can see. It’s a restful treat for the eyes when you get tired of looking at all the buildings around you. I was supposed to share this last week so here it is:

I hope you’ll join us at Cee’s Which Ways fortnightly challenge. In between the Which Ways challenge will be the Black and White challenge, so come on over!


6 thoughts on “Cee’s Which Ways Challenge – Week 6”

    1. ay, sows, hindi. may time though, madalas kami dating pasyal dyaan ng friends and siblings, after ma-discover naming mas maganda pala tapat ng market! market! hahaha… 😉 may sibling ako, me property dyaan. di ko pa nasisilip ang unit, though.

      ikaw, taga-fort b kayow?…

    2. naku, I wish! para iwas baha hahaha. nakapasyal na din kami sa market2x..minsan nawala doon si nanay, may dementia yun pero alam niya pa rin ang gagawin pag nahiwalay sa mga caregiver nya. hay naku. yung caregiver kasi eh puro shopping at cellphone lang inaatupag ayun di na malayan na wala si nanay sa tabi niya. gwave panik namin 🙂 but nanay waited and was eventually found 🙂

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