Review: Understanding Child Brain Development

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My family was blessed to review Family Hope Center’s DVD called “Understanding Child Brain Development”. The DVD was produced by the Family Hope Center together with the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW).  The Family Hope Center’s purpose is to help parents (families) gain a better understanding of their child’s brain development. Through this knowledge, the families partner with the specialists in the Center to restore normal brain function in their children with special needs or developmental delays. The DVD we reviewed is one such material produced by them for this purpose.

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The DVD is a little over 2 hours long and contains a seminar given by Matthew Newell to parents. There is a lot of information shared about the brain and how children’s brains develop from infancy to older childhood. The video quality appeared to be standard definition and there were some minor noise interference at two or three points of the DVD. Other than that, there were no other glitches and overall it was easy to watch and listen to. The content is essentially “hard science” explained in a way and on a level that is easy to understand for parents who have had their hearts and minds tested through the challenges of raising a special needs child or children. It was made with parents and families in mind.

I admire the holistic approach that the Family Hope Center takes towards helping children with special needs and developmental delays. To them, the parents are “not the problem”, rather they are the “solution to the problem”. The whole family is part of the program to help the child.

To help the parents, the Family Hope Center believes in educating them with knowledge about the brain that they can use to help their children. The premise is that the brain controls everything the body does. The Center teaches the parents to look at the child’s actions and behaviors from the “perspective of the brain”. To quote Matthew Newell from the video, “We operate from the position that the brain and indeed the body can heal itself and therefore work to create the optimal physiological pathway for this to occur.”

It was very interesting to see how some of the behaviors I’ve observed in my family and relatives were explained through what I learned about the parts of the brain, fetal behavior and infant development:

  1. My First Grader’s sensitivities to food and peculiar and new tastes;
  2. My Kindergartener’s talkativeness and overly active behavior (I’ve been wondering lately if he’s hyperactive…);
  3. My mother-in-law’s dementia (I’ve understood the part hypertension played in it but I didn’t know which dysfunction in the brain caused the dementia); and
  4. The behaviors of my nephew who was born premature.

In the DVD, Mr Newell ended his talk with a few simple tools that parents can easily and immediately do at home to help their child. I especially noted the elimination of EMF’s in the home environment. Very interesting as well were the findings he shared from Masaru Emoto’s “Messages of Water”.

As a mother, I found the DVD to be highly informative, deeply encouraging and practical. I feel better equipped now to help my children grow better. I also better understand how to relate to my nephew, my mother-in-law and my own mother, whom we suspect has the beginnings of dementia.

The Family Hope Center provides a unique service to families who would like to achieve wellness for each of its members, whether with special needs, developmental delays or “no problem” ones. Indeed, it is a center that gives a family hope. To hear excerpts of the stories of families who have seen this hope, please watch this video:

I highly recommend the DVD to parents-to-be and families who are caring for a family member with impaired brain functioning (whether elderly or a child) to get a better understanding of how the brain works, how it controls the behaviors you see and for simple steps you can take to help your loved ones.

The DVD is priced at an affordable US$19.00. To order, please call 610-397-1737 or order Understanding Child Brain Development from IEW.

Other families also reviewed the DVD. I invite you to read their reviews by clicking here.

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*Price and Product Description were correct at time of review and posting. For updated information, please visit the Family Hope Center or the Institute for Excellence in Writing.


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