An Early Grateful Friday Special: A “Human” Mind Museum

I wrote about my recent experience at The Mind Museum last week. After that, I received a letter from the Museum’s Managing Director, Mr Manuel A. Blas II, which restored my faith in that organization for being supportive of all forms of education in the country.

With his permission, I share the letter he wrote in response to my email and blog post.

I know it’s only Thursday, but I’m sharing my Grateful Friday early this week, and this item is on the top of my list. I thank God for people like Mr Blas who are responsive to ordinary folks like me and my family who visit their Museum. I have stated in previous posts what an excellent educational resource The Mind Museum is for the Sciences, and I repeat that today without hesitation or reservation.

I thank Mr Blas and The Mind Museum for the support they now show for the homeschooling community in general, and to the parent/grandparent/aunt-or-uncle – Teachers in particular, who tirelessly give their all to raise the next generation to be God-loving lifelong learners.

For my readers who are in the country, I invite you to visit The Mind Museum in Taguig with your family or friends. You can also help promote science education in public schools through the special programs of The Mind Museum.

Tomorrow is a national public holiday in my part of the world. In line with that, I would like to greet my childhood and blogger Muslim friends, and my Muslim countrymen, a happy Eidul Fitr 2013.

And for everyone else, I hope your week is ending well. I pray that your weekend will be blessed with the peace of our everlasting and eternal God.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


18 thoughts on “An Early Grateful Friday Special: A “Human” Mind Museum”

    1. Yes, it was. I never expected to hear from one of the Board Directors himself. I know how busy they are so I was actually honoured to actually get such a supportive reply. Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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