Grateful Friday – July 26

I’m greeting you all on a rainy Friday night here in my part of the world. Many of my fellow city-folk are stuck in traffic jams all over the metropolis, thanks to experimental traffic management schemes the local government is trying to get off the ground. I empathize with my fellow road-travellers at this time, recalling those rainy nights trying to get home…but this is not my subject for tonight.

Today is Friday once again. I almost forgot that it was time to get this post up. I’ve been preoccupied with planning our next school year. We start on August 1, that’s next week. It’s been a bit of a challenge doing all that planning in between nebulizing my son, taking our meds and playing with the other children. I’ve learnt to take it all in stride, entrusting everything to God.

And like last week, there are lots this week to be thankful for, I just can’t pin down any single one.

I’m glad that we got to take that trip to the beach last weekend. We had been planning it for a while and we all had a wonderful time, despite the bugs we ended up catching.

I’m happy that we have had a good balance of rain and shine this week. The rain cools us off at night while the sunshine just makes us cheerful all around. A little mundane I know but I’m sure you know how the weather can affect our moods and outlook sometimes.

I’m grateful for friends and family around me, for my Beloved spending some time off this week and the next week to be with us, for good food and memories being made with the family.

I hope your week has been a good one. I’m looking forward to the weekend. How about you?


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