Cee’s Which Way’s Challenge Week 2

Beating the clock again on this one….

Which Way to Travel At Night
Which Way to Travel At Night

Last weekend, we travelled north at night. It was the first time we did it as a family. We often travelled homewards at night. It was eerie to see so few vehicles on the road and our surroundings black. But thanks to the moonlight, we could see some of the countryside as we drove past. This is a familiar intersection that I had a hard time recognising because it was so dark…

Ghost Truck
Ghost Truck

I knew many of the shots I was taking that night would end up blurry. But I rather like the eerie effect of this shot of a truck passing us by on the highway that night….

Those are my entries for this week’s Which Ways Challenge. Please do check out what fellow bloggers showcased for the challenge this week.


13 thoughts on “Cee’s Which Way’s Challenge Week 2”

    1. Those are lovely memories to share. I hope my children will remember our trips too when they’re older. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a blessed weekend! Warmly, Mary

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