Review: Ed Douglas’ 25 Truths

Review: 25 Truths

Author: Ed Douglas Publications

Price: US$12.50 (Paperback)

My family and I had the opportunity to review 25 Truths, a book that shares the life principles that Ed Douglas has learned over the years in the various roles he has played. The book lists, in bite-size form, those lessons he has learned and distilled as truths that can help the reader make a positive change in his own life. The book also enables the reader to positively influence those he or she is responsible for. By asking simple but pointed questions after introducing each truth, the author gets the reader to reflect on that truth and apply it on a personal level and also teach it to someone else. This book can also be read and used by children in Grades 6 to 12 (or those who will be entering or are already in their teens).

The book was born after a long gestation which started from a simple list that the author wrote for personal use. Later he taught these to the people he was responsible for. Drawing from his personal experiences to show how using these life principles can work, the book then evolved into what I read and used with my family.

I have read many personal development and leadership books as a graduate student in business school and in my own quest for self-improvement. I would rank this book among those that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking an easy-to-read-and-digest guide to making the best out of life. I like and value the simplicity of the book’s structure. It is not a complicated read; in fact you can finish it in one sitting. But I would recommend (and so does the author) that each truth be reflected on, and most importantly, applied to one’s life, before the reader moves on to the next truth.

The life principles Douglas shares in this book are not new, and he humbly admits this. Other authors have talked about them in greater detail so I viewed Douglas’ book as an excellent refresher. With my family, especially with the young ones, not all the truths could be explained or applied right away. But for those that were relevant to our life stage now, I used every day activities to point out a truth. Because Douglas shared personal stories to explain a truth, it made the job of explaining the concept behind the truth easier. A friend once said that good stories are worth hearing more than once and no less can be said of the truths and stories that Douglas shares.

So what is the added value I found in the 25 Truths that I don’t see in others? One will have to do with the way he presented them. Douglas cuts to the chase, says what he means and prompts you to act on it right away to “cement” the learning within. Other personal development books distract me with a lot of verbiage. This book does not.

The other thing is that Douglas included the importance of making money (and compound interest) work for you instead of being a slave to it. I don’t often find this in personal development books but I was glad that Douglas thought it important enough to include in his list. You can’t remove money or treat it separately from life.

Lastly, I was surprised and pleased that love found its way into this book. It resonates with what I believe are the most important life principles, to love God with all I am and to love my neighbor just as I love myself.

I only have one very minor issue with the copy of the book I reviewed. I found several typos which I hope will be corrected in future editions.

At US$12.50, the 25 Truths is a great buy.

I highly recommend the 25 Truths to anyone seeking to make a better life for self and family.

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