Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

I realised for this challenge that I don’t take many photos with curves in them. I prefer straight lines, I don’t know why that is. I think maybe it’s because straight lines seem to be neater and more organised than circles or curving lines.

And I like the things I see to be neat and organised…

Except for clouds…I love clouds and they are never straight…unless you’re looking at them lined up in the distance. But I’ve been showing a lot of clouds lately so I thought I’ll share something else…

A fountain at a big gas stop along an expressway. Lots of curves and lots of straight lines to show up the curves. We had a snack there and enjoyed the pigeons (there’s a pigeon dormitory on the tower wall) and the fountains (there was a smaller one elsewhere at the stop). It had been a memorable trip.

The Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves


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