Review: Christianity Cove

Review of Christianity Cove’s 10 Commandments Activity Kit and Bullying and the Bible

My family had the opportunity to use and review 2 books from Christianity Cove:

The 10 Commandments Activity Kit

Early-bird Price of US$27.00*

Bullying and the Bible Lesson Plans (Ages 5 to 9)

Price: US$27.00

Both books, authored by Mary Kate Warner, are aimed at Sunday School teachers but can be modified for use in the homeschool setting.

I chose the 10 Commandments Activity Kit because I wanted my children to know, understand and yes, memorize the 10 Commandments. As for the Bullying and the Bible Lesson Plans, I wanted my children to be aware and be prepared when they faced bullies or encountered bullying wherever they are, using methods and behavior that are based on relationship principles from the Bible.

The 10 Commandments Activity Kit is designed to teach children aged 4 to 11 years. It includes 2 object lessons, games, crafts, snacks and science projects as well as 3 worksheets to help you teach the 10 commandments to young children in a fun and effective way.

The Bullying and the Bible Lesson Plans includes detailed lesson plans, relevant Bible verses, role-playing scripts, games and craft projects that aim to teach young children how to identify a bully and how to respond to a bullying situation in a biblical way. We used the Ages 5 to 9 version.

What We Thought of It

10 Commandments Activity Kit

We enjoyed the lessons very much. The kit helped my children to recall the 10 Commandments easily. They still have not memorized them in the correct order but they know what they are. The printable wall sign included in the Kit provides a visual reminder to the children (and us adults) of the 10 Commandments.

The different activities included in the Kit appealed to the unique learning style of each child and helped them remember the object lessons.  I found the use of common household items in the object lessons effective in teaching and helping the children recall what they were taught. I modified some of the games to make it easier to play. The downside to the games was that there was a lot of prep-work involved.

The language used for the lessons were advanced for the age range of my children despite claiming to be appropriate for a 5 year-old. Also, the length of the role-playing script was too long for the attention span of a young child. In the end I simplified the lessons to make it easier to digest for the children.

Overall, the book is pricey for the topic it covers when compared with similar content on the Internet that is either freely available or cheaper-priced. That said, I would still recommend this book to teach this topic. It is simple, effective and fun for the children, and not too hard to use for the parent-educator.

Bullying and the Bible Lesson Plans

My reason for using the book is based on my own experiences with being bullied when I was younger. I wanted my children to recognize bullying for what it is and learn appropriate responses that were based on the Bible when they encounter it. I was also worried that my two boys were becoming bullies without realizing it and I wanted us to learn how to spot these tendencies within ourselves.

The book also applied the object lesson approach as with the 10 Commandments Activity guide. This meant that common items were used to explain the concept within each lesson. This was again a positive feature of the book to help the children recall their lessons.

The craft projects were attractive but difficult for young children to do on their own even with the detailed instructions. I modified these projects so that the children wouldn’t feel frustrated but still have something to do with their hands. A fairly large amount of prep-time was needed for each craft project we tried.

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The lesson plans were very detailed, including the script used in role-playing. This was a big help as it meant that I didn’t have to create my own to teach the lesson. On the other hand, I found that the language used was developmentally advanced for my children even though the book is intended for children as young as 5 years old. I had to modify the script so my children could understand the lesson.

I realized also that the use of real-world “bully” expressions exposed my children to words that I didn’t want them to learn. I struggled somewhat when I had to say them during the role-playing. But as a book to help the children spot bullying behavior, hearing those words and those behavior descriptions helped them identify what bullying behavior looks like. This applied to themselves also. However, I needed to explain to my youngest (almost 5 years old) that we were using those expressions for lesson purposes only.

One important benefit we got from the book was that we saw how my boys’ rambunctious behaviors were already a form of bullying. This was certainly an eye-opener for us and confirmed my suspicion that my boys, especially my eldest, was acting like a bully without realizing it.

Other observations and suggestions I have for the book are:

  • It advises that children seek a trusted grown-up immediately during or after bullying has happened. It would help to identify who these are and what the children will do if there is no trusted grown-up nearby.
  • A simpler version for the 5 to 7 age range would be more appropriate than grouping them with the 8 to 9 year olds. Children of this younger age group are typically smaller (or weaker) and don’t yet have the ability to express themselves the way the older kids do. The “8 Courageous Ways to Warn a Bully” is too long for a 5 year old and appears to contradict the earlier lessons unless clearly explained.
  • One or two key Bible verses per lesson would have been more appropriate for the younger age range than having several of them. It was a challenge to keep track of all of them in each lesson.
  • On a minor note, there were too many distracting typos in the book. I hope that this would be sorted out in future editions.
  • As a note to self, we would need to review the lessons regularly and to “localize” the content with our own language and scenarios.

For the price I think the book is a good buy. It is relevant, useful and well-presented. It helped me and my children understand what the Bible had to say about bullying and how to respond to it. I would strongly recommend it to parents seeking to know more of what the Bible has to say about bullying.


*Price and Product Descriptions were correct at the time of posting and subject to change without prior notice. The quoted Early-Bird price applies to the first 250 orders of the book. Please visit the website for updated prices and purchase information.


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