a Letter

A very talented young writer’s letter to Life…enjoy 😉


to Happiness ~
I’m not sure what I did
but lets make amends.

to Anger ~
shove off.

to Grief ~
you can shove off as well.
I’m not going to listen when you cry.

to Freedom ~
if you don’t exist,
please stop pretending to.

to Love ~
are you hiding, or do I not want to find you?
or both?

to Inspiration ~
my condolences.
I know you were rather attached to Anger and Grief.

to Trust ~
lets get to know each other again
we’ve grown distant.

to Insanity ~
please don’t tell me when you take me.

to Friendship ~
I must admit I am afraid of you
could you have a talk with Trust?

to Family ~
we’re all weird, aren’t we?

to Life ~
I think I like you.

to Death ~
our time to meet
I hope is a time not anywhere…

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